I'm going to complain ALOT

I'm going to complain ALOT

Postby Harry Houdini » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:09 am

I've been playing now for 3 years so I think I know a thing or two about this game.First to DAMN SLOW seriously even with all the advancements built for speed I can eat supper in the time it takes for a fleet to come back.Building upgrades ths is a 2 parter first 20 days to build something who has time for that seriously that's crazy and upgrade cost that are just as ridiculous.Log on bonus wow pointless for the most part why bother most stuff isn't worth anything after lvl 5.world chat I speak english that's it I shouldn't have to learn anything new you need something that can translate speech so we can all commuicate.Events or should I say lack off them.variety a handful of monsters and a handful of loot big deal needs more variety alot more.loot drops should be worth it I don't think a lvl 60 sea dragon would drop lvl 1 loot all the time you need to make the drops appropriate to the lvl of monster fought.Language your game carries a everyone rating you need to filter bad language or raise your rating to mature because some of the stuff talked about on world chat is mature content not that I personally care about this.my loot my way it's bad enough loot drops are pathetic as is but to tell me sorry you can only sell x of this a day it's my loot I found it so I should be able to do as I will with it.Unbalanced gameplay a player should NEVER be able to attack someone more than 10 lvls below them it's unfair and results in lower lvl player losing and given up usually.Play to pay I realize this is your bread and butter but this is how bullies are born you should put a limit based on there lvl how much stuff can be purchased I've seen people at lvl 10 as powerful as me at lvl 60.and finally cheating you know it exists do something about it.now some of you would say to me not happy than move on in fact I want this game to be around for awhile another game I've been playing for 8 years I took a few months off tried to log on and it's gone now.this could and will happen to this game I have spent alot of time and money and want to see it get better or yep I will have to leave
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Re: I'm going to complain ALOT

Postby Maxim[MoonMana] » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:38 am

Good day,

I analyzed all that was written by you and I sent your information to our developers.

If they decide to change something in the game, you will see this in future updates.

Thanks for your message.
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