Postby Platsch » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:29 pm

Hi Arty,

I know that cups just have imaginary value in this game but:

player are attacked and killed for cups

These cup cheaters remove cups from strong accounts to be able to get cups when bullying low levels, this frustrates player and make them quit. Then they transfer them to low lvl player so its harder for others to get them.
The transfer is usually done with fleet attacks. Worst are player lonelys and blue ghost (who does it mostly on his Windows account and less on Android I guess because you still care for Android and have no account on Windows yourself).
Getting 20k cups in two days can only be called perverted, see attached screenshots.

Cheater do fleet attack to transfer them, honest player try with island attacks and get penalty spots. This is not acceptable!

The only thing that would help:
- no longer get cups from fleet attacks, only from island attacks, here the 40 max per day is effective, for fleets its unlimited
- remove all cups of all player and reset them to 200 AND set all penalty spots to zero again (this is important for honest player!) and start increasing them again with number of attacks

So player who are really strong and good can gain cups again with ease while cheater will become problems.

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Postby Gonzalll Lonelys » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:47 am

Hola querido amigo.

¿Conoces a "DANGERUS"?
Él juega en tu alianza y tiene 22.000 copas. Él está en tu alianza y es nivel 26. Hace varios meses tenía solo 400 copas. Y en solo una semana subió 22.000 copas. ¿Como es eso posible?

Amigo mio, actualmente ganar copas es muy difícil. Juntar copas cuesta mucho trabajo. Ahora, para ganar copas, hay que juntar muchas marcas negras(splots), y para ello hay que matar muchos monstruos pequeños.
Al atacar monstruos pequeños, flotas e islas, subes mucho de nivel. No es gratis. Es todo un trabajo y se necesita de mucha estrategia.

Nuestra alianza hace todo un trabajo en equipo. Mucho trabajo. Mucha estrategia. Mucha ayuda y diálogo.

Me parece genial la idea de que no se gane copas atacando flotas. Hay que permitir ganar copas solo atacando islas. Pero...

Pero no puedes volver todas las copas a 200. Hay muchos jugadores que jugaron siempre solo para ganar copas y prepararon toda su isla y barcos solo para ganar copas. Yo personalmente, no quise ser grande como tu, siempre jugué para ganar copas. Y tengo mis barcos e isla preparadas solo para ganar copas. No me interesa crecer. El año pasado yo tenía 20.000 copas, en abril de este año ya tenía 40.000 copas. Y ahora tengo 60.000.
Gasto mucho oro comprando sectores en busca de flotas e islas fáciles de atacar.

Por otro lado. Yo nunca tengo corona (jamas compré protección por 1 semana). Así que tu puedes atacarme siempre. Ya me atacaste muchas veces, seguro que ya me robaste unas 400 copas. Todos me pueden atacar, y ya saben que no soy muy fuerte.

Ahora, con las últimas actualizaciones, todo se ha solucionado, porque hay marcas negras(splots) que regulan los ataques. Todos tenemos el derecho de atacar a todos, pero para eso hay que juntar (recolectar) marcas negras (splots).

_No hay trampa.
_Que en la nueva actualización no se gane copas atacando flotas. Solo ganar copas al atacar islas.
_ No volver a 200 copas a todos. No es justo. No es honesto.

Abrazo. Buen juego.
Gonzalll Lonelys
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Postby Platsch » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:10 am

not going to translate this Spanish pamphlet, alone the fact that not even Google translation in English is attached shows that this player gives a damn on others or if his behaviour kills this game

Dangerous of Black Sails plays his account since three years, he keeps it low level and makes it strong and the idea to remove all cups of all players was actually his idea because he will be able to get them back fast, but he has the spot penalty which punishes honest player in contrast to these Spanish cheaters
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Postby Platsch » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:35 am




look at these threads! these player do their blatant cheating for month and make others quit out of frustration

Gonzall lonelys even killed his original account when the level was to high cretaed a new one (lonelys) and transfered all his cups to it. Die seems to be one of their high lvl "farmers" now, with zero cups you can even kill lvl 7 player and get cups from them.


And if you have the same system in the new game Arty player like lonelys will kill that game too.
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Postby Dangerous » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:06 am

Where to start..........

I have been playing this game now for at least 3 years and in that time I developed my own strategy to climb to the top of your leader board (which is based on cups!!!) Without breaking a single rule.

I did this by watching how the first person to manage this 'Joe Black' ..... (The first account named Joe Black).... Managed it by keeping his fleet more powerful than he should have been able to for its level by keeping it a low level.

This new strategy I chose.... Keeping my level low... Saving long and hard... Playing for years without a payoff... It all put me as a target for huge players and I was attacked constantly by the biggest on the game from the second my KP ended.

Because of this I was originally a strong advocate of the black spots... But later began to see big problems with them!

I worked hard like this for years and was patient!

I got to the top without cheating once!!!

then the problems happened

I no longer remember the first persons name. It feels like years ago.
But they started cup trading... They quickly overtook the top two players (Joe Black and Me).
Sadly at this point Joe got frustrated and did the same thing to compete to keep his position and they both climbed fast (well out of my reach)

then you acted!!!

You removed all cups from the first cheater and Joe. (I did feel some pitty for Joe)
But this got rid of the cheat problem...for a bit...
And I was once again number 1 without cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was accused of being a cheat and asked you to investigate me to prove I was innocent at this time..... (((( I will post that picture in a moment )))

This was all good for a bit and as the highest player I only had 10 - 12000 cups that were fairly won ... Then it started again :-(

Joe climbed fast but this was because he had a strong foundation from the years he played fair.
But another started to climb fast.... He did not play fair...

They were reported over and over but you no longer cared. . . . . .
You even made posts saying that..
Before long the only way to keep up was to do similar things and many did

But now it's got ridiculous

Now you have players passing 20,000+ in one day
And quite frankly I was reluctant, but willing to do whatever I had to do at first to stay at the top....... But not with how stupid it has become now....
It no longer means anything at all.

But there is a solution

Remove the cups from every player
Reset them all to 200
Reset everyone's fighting stats to 0
So that everyone is back at the same starting point not being controlled by black spots!!! And we can all start again from the beginning.
Stop all cup trading by making it that you can't take more than 100 cups from one person per 2 hours... (It would take far too long to be worth it)

The truly worthy players will understand... They will be able to win them back again by playing fair because they worked hard to make a fleet able to do this!!!!!!!!!!

so let's all start again! With 200 cups each and attack stats at 0

Then you can punish anyone that cheats after that.
(But put in the 100 cup per 2 hour limit from one person and it's unlikely anyone will try)
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Postby Dangerous » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:17 am

I have checked and the first person to do this was Sam 007
Search this name and you will see how it all started.

Now lonleys ect... Just make it a joke

At this time I also asked moon to investigate me because I was the number 1 and had not cheated in any way to get there at that point.

Screenshot to prove is below:
Screenshot_20170920-110924.png (250.71 KiB) Viewed 463 times
Screenshot_20170920-110934.png (228.7 KiB) Viewed 463 times
Screenshot_20170920-110944.png (217.17 KiB) Viewed 463 times
Screenshot_20170920-111005.png (270.16 KiB) Viewed 463 times
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Postby oliv8 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:23 am

The limit for cups in 2 hours is a very good idea. And should clear the problem. Then some players play only to win cups even they dont do nothing in game. But i guess they should have fair contitions. At moment isnt fair. But whole game is out of controll. And no one want guve us any answer to our postings we do. Wast of time this gamr and this posts.
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Postby srs » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:43 am

Yes i also support the idea of resetting cups to 200 and 2hrs limit with fleets and maybe also u do something about resource transfers!!
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Postby Dangerous » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:01 pm

Just to clarify,
The 100 cups in 2 hours limit would be from attacking the second player.
If you attack 10 different players you could still win 250 cups for example.
But if you attack the same person and they break KP you could attack them again for more cups but not too many times.... 100 cup limit in 2 hours as this would stop them trading you lots of cups but make it worth defending yourself if they are stupid enough to end KP right away
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Postby Banjo » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:33 pm

I would agree that this is a good start. But far from fixes cups.

Lvl of player shouldn't matter, when we have lvl 20 somethings on the "leader" board, something is wrong. The leader board should be full of the strongest players in the game, not the ones who hide in kp, and use every exploit they can to get a lot of cups.

Shouldn't get cups for hitting a kd fleet, shouldn't get cups for hitting a dead island. Shouldn't get cups if only kd is at island because the owner fears a HUUUUGE repair bill if a larger player hits them. Many many problems, so right now, they are useless.

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