Pumpkin event

Pumpkin event

Postby smeagel » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:13 pm

Hi team!

No banana cannons this year?

If that's all there is to buy, I may as well stop now.......I've bought all I am Interested in from what's available.

Or is it planned to unveil more later in the event?

Thank you

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Re: Pumpkin event

Postby KniveS » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:52 pm

No banana cannons will pretty much ruin the event for all Poe players :roll:
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Re: Pumpkin event

Postby dougmac43 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:04 pm

I just don't understand why your not offering banana cannons. I'm not a computer programmer but if you can offer tombstones, trees, guns etc why leave out the best and most desirable weapon in the Halloween event? There's no other events offered all year! (I miss stik!) Why disappointed the players by messing up the ONE event you offer? This reflects poorly on the programmers.

At LEAST you didn't wait until the LAST day of the event after people collected MILLIONS of candles to let us know we wasted our time like you did in POE last year...

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Re: Pumpkin event

Postby smeagel » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:31 am

I have heard that no banana cannons are available this year in legendary dwarves.

First of all I find it very disappointing and frustrating to hear it through the grapevine instead of on the forums.
Silly me thought that following the rules of not emailing devs directly was the way to go....as requested by the Dev team......instead this post has gone unanswered....even if that answer was that it was under discussion and would get back to us would be preferable to silence.

I'm gutted that the banana cannons aren't available.....I have been looking forward to this event since I first heard about it in February....been plotting and planning my game around it and it's rewards...... enjoying the challenge it represented and to make the most of the opportunity presented.

I have gone " all in" , rescheduled commitments til after the event finished, amassed a gold board to convert to candles, put some cash to the side to purchase gems in case it still ain't enough and my gold needs topped up.....this was going to be epic!

Instead I find that the rewards have been nerfed and could buy all that I wanted to off the witch as soon as she appeared.
I don't understand why you would want to limit the potential of this event.

Was really looking forward to being pushed and meeting that challenge!

As I said earlier....disappointed isnt strong enough...I'm absolutely gutted.....what a waste of time and effect on my behalf.

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Re: Pumpkin event

Postby Stas[MoonMana] » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:03 pm

Oops, sorry for late answer...

Guys, please you have to understand that Legendary Dwarves and Pirates of Everseas are two different games. Yes, Dwarves is clone but it is other game... Banana cannons was not drawn in this year so wasn't included in Halloween event.

P.S. Please remember that Legendary Dwarves is independent game and haven't to be as some other game. I read your topic and thought to write something like:
"Hey, devs! I saw in Counter Strike an aim in the center of the screen. Why you didn't implement it?"
Please PM me if you don't get any reply in 3 business days.

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