Another Cups and resources transfer Korea!

Another Cups and resources transfer Korea!

Postby Pyongf008 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:50 am


I have witness another alleged multiple resources and cups transfer between player a e (lvl 32) from 'Ulleung do' alliance and Dokdo (lvl 26) from 'Korea!' alliance on 12/11/2017 from 5.45pm till 8.45pm (UTC +8 hrs).

At 5.45pm, a e send his kd fleet to Dokdo's island and of course he was defeated and lost some cups. and from then then on, I notice Dokdo constantly send a fleet out and after that fleet returned, there is a noticeable increment on his cups and some resources. This continue from 5.45pm till 8.49pm. And in this period of time, there was a decrease of cups on a e as well.

This kind of resources and cups transfer must be done in countless time that a low level player like Dokdo (level 26) who has no farm and resources to have such high increment in cups and is able to upgrade 3 big house and 4 foundry at the same time.

In February, a player who also called Dokdo (lvl 82) from korea! was caught transferring weapons to kk-999 (lvl 16). In March, the same player has changed his IGN from Dokdo to ace_ace (lvl 83) and he continues to transfer weapons to Dokdo (lvl 20) (which I believe he changed his IGN from ace..../kk-999 to Dokdo).

I have witnessed an attack on Dokdo's island and ace_ace was the one who came for rescue instead of any player from korea!, how strange. I can assume that this Dokdo is the second account of ace_ace and they are using the same tactic to transfer the resources.

Some players from korea! has done countless resources transfer and they avoid being track down by changing their name, for example DD-917 (now) was called nks previously, which he has done a few resources transfer previously.

All these players are making this game dirty and unbearable. If they are free to do this so do all other players.
I'm not sure what kind of punishment can be done other than closing the both big player and small players' account so that there will be no more opportunities for them to do so. Of course, this is my personal view for your consideration.

Thank you.
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Re: Another Cups and resources transfer Korea!

Postby Pyongf008 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:47 am

Hi Maxim,

Just to check out any news on the investigation, thanks.
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