KP system, attacker sharing, users with multiple accounts...

KP system, attacker sharing, users with multiple accounts...

Postby Cap_n Krunk » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:38 am

Please fix the gd attacker sharing. While you're at it, the kp system. Oh, and maybe blocking users with known extra accounts from joining their fleets. As far as cheating goes, that's about as obvious of an extra advantage as it gets.
You should be able to have enough time to fix a reasonable amount of your defenses before the next dude more than twice your level comes and wipes you out for absolutely no gain. Instead, within the same 2-day period you can get hit again after dumping all your resources into fixing stuff. Then, get shared again soon after. Since you got hit right before the share was up and only got, say, 10 hours of protection, you can get reshared for another 2 days. Then the little spineless guys come and rail you like clockwork.
Case in point, me. So far this week (maybe 10 days): Eng and Eng2 (Nora A), Eng and Eng2, Vladimir-200, Vladimir-200, Andy1980, Xaron, and I'm probably leaving one out. None of these guys were shared, but I sure as hell am.
Why not block a player from being attacked for a few days if they got hit more than once in 24 hours? That's the bare minimum you could do. Especially if they had no chance of fixing even half their stuff before getting hit again.
I do test and integration on a geometry engine for a living and I have to ask, do you branch your updates or even test them at all? It's such a bad bad joke how things get done. This kind of bs shouldn't be happening.
I don't know why I'm even bothering to post here. It's not like you people listen or care about what the players want. There's a long history of that. I've never dropped a penny for that reason. Maybe if things changed, but I won't hold my breath.
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