Rusbears and KP abuse

Rusbears and KP abuse

Postby Hammer » Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:00 pm

So, since I am ignored by most of the Rusbears that I want to talk to about this, I will post it here and maybe some of them will see it.

Your gameplay is weak, to KP every single counter attack is shameful and speaks highly of you and your lack of power as an alliance. Keep hitting us and I will keep hitting you everytime I find you off kp. You guys are pathetic. Cheaters to the core....

Now before you go saying I am crying about this and that, you can stop there. This is just a simple warning to all of you there....I will continue to hit every one of you i find off kp every time I see you in my shares. Maybe one of these times you wont kp me and fight like a pirate!!!! How much do you spend in gems for kp anyway? has to be in the hundreds of thousands at this point. I am sure you guys are proud of yourselves lol

Id suggest staying on kp, Vengeance is coming....

Your best bud,
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