2.8 Changelog

2.8 Changelog

Postby Olya[MoonMana] » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:35 am

Improved battle reports:
    now you can see what was the attacker's fleet and how it was damaged after the battle in the battle report details, bigger window for battle reports list;
Redesigned messenger window;

Facebook API for ios and android:
    send gifts, messages to your Facebook friends, see top friends;

Ships rebalanced:
    Caravel: cargo storage size increased from 35000 to 60000;
    Caravel: crew size increased from 9 to 12;
    Caravel: base armor increased from 25 to 30;
    Frigate: crew size increased from 15 to 20;
    Galleon: max cannons increased from 50 to 65;
    Galleon: base speed increased from 130 to 180;
    Kogg: base speed increased from 115 to 140;
    Kogg: base armor increased from 30 to 50;

Welsh localization;

    (Thanks to SS_2)

New expert - Mapmaker:
    Doubles shared sector time, halves random sector cost

Random sector price increased for some levels (mid and high)

Bug fixes.
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Re: 2.8 Changelog

Postby Artyom[MoonMana] » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:25 pm

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