Tips & Tricks: Fitting your ships with weapons

Tips & Tricks: Fitting your ships with weapons

Postby BedoraisCove » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:44 pm

(Artyom, please feel free to discard my previous document in the Tips & Tricks section with the same intro below. This revised version is more accurate. Thanks.)

A beginner's mistake consists in overloading his/her fleet with tons of weapons. The reasoning usually is:
"Axes fair better against monsters, but cutlasses are best for pirates, so I'll double the amount of cold arms to cover every situation!"

So why in hell would you want to get rid of cold arms?
1. The statement above is wrong. It turns out pirates are stupid. They pick one cold arm at random, so 50% of the time they pick the wrong weapon to face an attack...oops
2. Weapons use cargo space. If you fill it up with weapons, there's no space left for loot!
3. When you're defeated, you lose between 10% and 20% of the weapons aboard your fleets. The more weapons on board, the greater your losses.

It's time for a cleanup! Bow how should you proceed?

In theory
You can get rid of all cold arms on board when you know your fleet can never reach tick 0. It happens when:
- Your fleet is totally destroyed by cannons (your HP = 0).
- You destroyed the opponent's fleet by cannons (his HP = 0).
As you gain power in this game, you will find that there is no other end to a fight than one fleet ending with HP = 0. Therefore cold arms are plain useless.

In practice
While it's an excellent idea to cut down on the number of cold arms aboard your fleets, it's generally bad to remove them all. If you were to be defeated, the only weapons that would drop would be your precious ones.

Weapon dropping logic
Here's how it works:
1. Count total number T of weapons aboard your fleet:
- Legendary weapons do not count toward the total.
- All cold arms aboard your ship count toward the total.
- Half the firearms count toward the total. To be exact, it is the sum of half the counts of each firearm type.
- A fraction of your cannons count toward the total. The determination is complex and deserves a paragraph by itself. See bottom of message.
2. Multiply total T by 0.1 in PVP, or 0.2 in PVE. This gives you L the number of weapons you're going to lose.
3. Choose 3 "types" of weapons at random {A, B, C}, such that A+B+C >= L. Note that level-1 axes and level-2 axes count as separate types. This applies to all weapons and levels.
4. Drop L weapons among {A, B, C}.

Example: My level is 50. I have 9 frigates carrying 135 fusils, 120 level-5 axes, 10 level-4 axes, 5 legendary axes, 252 level-5 cannons.
T = (135/2) guns + (120+10) axes + min( 252/2, 50*2/5 ) cannons = 217.5, rounded up to 218.
L = 218 * 0.1 = 21.8, rounded up to 22.
- Imagine the randomizer says {A, B, C} = {level-4 axes, fusils, level-5 cannons}, I will lose 10 level-4 axes and 12 fusils.
- Now imagine the randomizer says {A, B, C} = {level-5 cannons, level-4 axes, fusils}, I will lose 20 level-5 cannons and 2 level-4 axes.

Minimizing your losses
1. You can't control the randomizer, but you can influence the outcome. You want to decrease the number of precious types of weapons, and increase the number of worthless types of weapons aboard your fleets. As a result, the randomizer stands a greater chance of picking {A, B, C} among the worthless ones.
2. You want to make L as small as possible by minimizing the number of cutlasses and axes.

- Config 1: I am level 50. I have 9 frigates carrying 135 fusils and 252 level-5 cannons.
T = (135/2) guns + min( 252/2, 50*2/5 ) cannons = 87.5, rounded up to 88.
L = 0.1 * 88 = 8.8, rounded up to 9.
I will lose either 9 level-5 cannons, or 9 fusils. Ouch!

- Config 2: I add 3 * 7 crappy types of axes to config 1.
T = (135/2) guns + 3*7 + min( 252/2, 50*2/5 ) cannons = 108.5, rounded up to 109.
L = 0.1 * 109 = 10.9, rounded up to 11.
I now stand a 40% chance to lose 11 level-5 cannons or 11 fusils, a 30% chance to lose 7 crappy axes + 4 level-5 cannons or 4 fusils, and a 30% chance to lose 11 crappy weapons.

I go with config 2 without hesitation, because 60% of the time I lose less than config 1.
Find the config that best suits you!

...and now everyone has a headache. :D

Appendix - Dropping cannons
- Your level matters. It is multiplied by 2. Say I'm level 50. 50*2 = 100 points.
- There is a number of points associated with each cannon type. The number of points corresponds to the cannon level. So a level-5 cannon is 5 points.
- Just like guns, the algorithm ignores 50% of the cannons aboard your fleet; You cannot lose those. The number of cannons that counts toward the total T is computed so that their total number of points does not exceed twice your level, so 100 in my example.

Say I'm level 50 with 200 level-5 cannons. T_cannons = min(200/2, 50*2/5) = 20. So only 20/200 = 10% of my cannons count toward the total T.
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Re: Tips & Tricks: Fitting your ships with weapons

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This formula is deprecated.
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