My suggestions for a better gameplay

My suggestions for a better gameplay

Postby Impulso » Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:54 pm

First of all, I am very sorry if anything I say here was already mentioned, but there is a huge load of threads and I lack the time and patience to check them all.

Okay there are few things that could make the gameplay better on the game.
* repairing all towers at same time (would also be very cool if we could unload all weapons on all towers in one click too );
* having an option to PM someone on global instead of only ignore ( which apparently doesnt work );
* being able to remove/add all ships to/from chest if enough slots;
and the most important in my POV:
* Auto collect from resources building. It is very annoying that u have to click on the buildings to collect the resources (Farms makes sense since we need to choose seed anyway). This feature would not only make the life of theactive players insanely better but would also give abandonned islands a function, since u guys don't check players activities and remove players that quit for long, they could at least be a resource source.

this is all I can recall for now,
ty for the time
have a nice day.
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Re: My suggestions for a better gameplay

Postby Olya[MoonMana] » Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:29 pm


Thank you for the suggestions.
The first two was added to the list, second two was already suggested. :)
Please create a post and I will assist you.
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