Moonmana's Roadmap 2016

Moonmana's Roadmap 2016

Postby Artyom[MoonMana] » Mon May 16, 2016 10:10 am

This update (2.2) took a lot of time to release. But not many things we did are visible for players. So I’d like to reveal what’s inside.

Changes which are already done, but not really visible for players

1. Refactored almost whole game engine, better code, easier to find and fix problems, easy to make other games based on the engine now.
2. Got rid of Marmalade, a cross-platform engine which we used before to easier build the game to Android and IOS, but which didn’t allow us to use crashlytics.
3. Integrated crashlytics. An amazing tool, which allows us to see online not only how many crashes we have in which version of the game, but also places in code, which is very, very helpful to fix them. All the years we’ve suffered from the crashes we knew are exist, but should guess where they are. Finally, we see where they are and could fix them easier.

Our plans as a company.

1. Legendary dwarves
Part of our team worked in collaboration with other studio, which made graphics for a similar game, but in another setting. The game is fully based on the PoE engine, so there will be not much difference in game mechanics.This is good also for PoE players, because it means we are not going to stop the game support and improvements.

2. Web version of Pirates of Everseas.
Our game is almost ready to launch as a browser game. First platform will be The launch scheduled to May, 2016. Then we’ll launch the game on Facebook and

3. MacOS version of PoE
The version is ready to launch and should be launched this month

4. Pirates of Everseas updates

Here I’d like to share with you our plans regarding what we want to release in the game in the nearest updates, and more important, why.

The things which are almost done, but we need to test and polish them to release:

1. Revival of Facebook integration
Why: increases k-factor, engagement, social interaction

2. Global chat with “Report player” ability.
As many players could see, global chat is a good thing when it has no bugs, but some players could make a problem from it starting to type some bad things.

“Report player” is a button which players can use to mark an appropriate message in the global or alliance chat. If the message gets critical amount of reports, the player will be muted in the chat for some time. The more strikes the player has, the longer his next muting period is.

We also want to create more chat rooms, one per language. (before there were only 3 rooms: Russian-speaking countries, Asian and the rest of the world). Changing you’re the language in the in game settings will switch you to corresponding chat room.

Why: new players could ask some things they don’t know and more experienced could help them. Players from different alliance could communicate here as well. Could be useful for searching an alliance or alliance members.

3. Realms
This is a big feature, which will connect all servers (realms) through a distribution server, which means every player on every platform cold choose server he wants to play on. There are several benefits of this feature:
- Every player could use any device: IOS, Android, WP or Windows 10 to play on any server. This is valid for both: for playing the same account on one server using any device AND play using one or many devices on different servers by switching the accounts through in game settings.
- New servers with certain rules can be launched. For example, a hardcore server with cheap repairs, but high weapon drop. A fast server with increased speed of production, monster spawn etc. Your ideas?
- People will be able to connect their devices and platform accounts with different game accounts.

4. Armor improvements
There are 3 main reasons to do it:
- Improve island defense
- One more thing to spend wood on
- Make firearms and cold arms useful again on higher levels
5. Cannon balls
This is a counter-action against high armor. Also a way to defend island better, but the cannon balls are consumable and cost iron. There will be different types of cannon balls, not only to increase damage, but also to increase damage for some certain situations, e.g. against specific monsters or specific types of ships.
6. Detailed battle reports.
Players could see how each battle happened step by step: how much damage was dealt, how many misses, how much damage was absorbed by armor.The main reason to do it is to show players how their upgrades, especially armor affect on battles.
7. Starter packs.
This should help new players to develop faster and have more chances to compete with older players.

More features in our list for next few months to do

1. Alliance improvements
- Ability to choose if you want your alliance to accept requests automatically
- Ability to set required trophies and required level to limit requests
- Sticky alliance message
- Co-leadership
- Alliance description
- Message in alliance chat if someone left or join alliance
- Request help: ability to ask allies to help, which will show the message in the alliance chat with a button to quickly go to the sector. Push notification can be also sent to your allies if your allies allow to receive them.
- “Next ally” button on alliance sectors instead of “Share sector button”
2. Voyages
Voyages is the list of sectors with different tasks and rules. First we plan to make some tutorial missions here for new players which will help the players to understand how different monsters are differ from each other and explain strategies against them. Later some interesting missions or events for higher level players could be added here.
3. PVP sector
A sector with no birds, no npc islands, Kp doesn’t work here. The sector couldn’t be found through random, but could be accessible through the shared sectors menu.
4. Daily quests
Tasks to kills X monsters, gather X resources or do some actions X times limited by 24h with some interesting rewards.
5. Alliance events
Weekly challenges to collect some stuff for alliance. For example, collect bird feathers. Top alliances will get some bonus for next week, like bonus to damage, ship speed, gold from farms etc.
6. Chests
Chests will appear floating near the player’s island (in the city). Will contain some useful stuff like weapons, resources or crafting items.
7. Shop
A building when players could buy some weapons cheaper than to produce them, but in very limited amounts. Chests and other items could be bought here as well.
8. Repair docks
Slowly repair ships for free. So being attacked will be not so severe as it is now.
9. NPC fleets.
NPCs will send their fleets from time to time to attack each other or monsters. They could help to KD big monsters, but also they could be intercepted to get some weapons from them as well.
This will make the game more alive and help players to kill monsters they can’t kill alone.

Review of balance problems:

1. No usage for resources, especially for wood and iron (for people who maxed their cannons).
Fix: cannon balls, armor improvements, researches

2. Cold arms and firearms are useless.
Fix: armor improvements will lead to longer battles, ships will survive longer and firearms and cold arms could kill pirates and lead to victory during the boarding phase.

Overall progression for power and weapon usage in PvP:

• Beginner: cold arms
• Guns age: cold arms + firearms
• Low level artillery: cold arms + firearms + cannons
• High level artillery: cannons only
• Armor age: cannons + armor + firearms
• High armor age: cannons + armor + firearms + cold arms
• Cannon balls age: cannons + cannon balls
• Cannon balls are expensive and consumable, so can be used to win against an armored enemy, but the victory can be not profitable.

3. Koggs, Galleons and Caravels are useless
I plan to add some researches to give the ships some abilities, so the ships will be more useful for some specific situations. For example, Galleons will have extra armor while defending the city, Caravels will have extra cargo space and high evasion chance, koggs will increase the chance to get lost loot from fishes. Just a few thoughts, maybe something more.

4. Trophies (rating) are useless
I don’t know yet how to solve it but to think about it is in my todo list

5. Level of ships doesn’t really useful
This just can be much more useful if some items/researches would have better effect if the ship has a higher level.

6. PvP is too expensive
Repair docks should help here.

7. Bot players
This will be most likely resolved by decreasing the income from th, wh, houses and making the income cumulative over time until the building’s storage limit reached.

There are many other things we have in our list, like capturing of NPC islands, Pirate academy, but the things are not started yet and not in our nearest schedule.

Please do not consider the list as the things which will be done soon. The list can be changed and some things could never appear in the game. Game industry is a fast-paced industry and sometimes we can’t follow our plans. I just want to reveal you our current plans for the game and for our company, so you could know what to expect and will be ready for the new changes.
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