Cheaters punishment

Re: Cheaters punishment

Postby Artyom[MoonMana] » Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:32 pm

Tariq and THE BADAG98 are banned for 1 month for using each other's account.
Their accounts are free farms since now, any players can take as much resources and trophies as they can get from them.
You may think the punishment is not harsh enough as you were waiting for it for so long. But 1 month was chosen as a warning, because Tariq saved my time by confessing the fact of the usage and it is first time they are punished. Next time, the punishment will be devastating, but let's hope everyone will learn something and we'll have a fair play.

UPDATE: the punishment for Tariq has been changed to minus 100 T6 cannons after negotiation
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